Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Naked Experience

Hello Lovelies! 

So the other week while I was in Norwich I got stopped by an Urban Decay Girl when walking into House of Fraser. Initially I just wanted to walk away and I wasn't bothered but luckily I stayed around and I got given a free makeover of my choice!

As it was my choice I went with having my face make-up done which meant foundation, blush, bronzer etc. This was because I use the Naked palettes anyway and I tend to like the way I do my eye make-up so why not try something different.

I really loved the foundation and blush palette she used on me that day, but as you probably all know Urban Decay is more of a high end brand so I wasn't going to pay the full price for them!

This is where everything down below makes sense. Recently had a sale on so some of the products were cheaper and these 2 were included! Also I had a 10% off leaflet in one of the magazines I read so I thought what better time than now to buy them. I did have to wait to get the right colour foundation but I didn't mind, I was paying less than full price and that's what mattered!

I hadn't ordered make-up online before so I was a little apprehensive about it all coming in one piece but I am very happy with the way feelunique package there items! It's put in a box which actually fits the products and wrapped tightly so nothing budges when getting chucked around by the post people as I'm sure you all know and hate! Great service feelunique!

I got the foundation in the shade 1.0 which is the lightest shade but in the warm tone. If you haven't used urban decay foundation before just like I hadn't until now, if the shade ends in a 0 it's a warm tone and if it ends with a 5 it's a cool tone I believe. 
I love this for what it does, I haven't ever really come across anything like this before! It's actually a really lightweight foundation which is very liquidy but it is also VERY buildable which means I can get the coverage from it which I love as I'm not really a light coverage kind of person! 

On the box it says "It feels like wearing nothing at all, just Naked Skin transforms complexions. Skin looks natural, illuminated and bright: like the beautiful skin you were born with. Weightless and virtually invisible, this revolutionary paraben-free formula creates a flawless, demi-matte finish; light-diffusing spheres make you look professionally retouched. It's the ultimate in ultra definition" 

And yes I do agree to most of it, although I feel if you really want a feeling of wearing nothing at all you need to give it a good buff in. Personally I think that's more of a positive for the lighter coverage people. 

Overall I think this is totally worth the money and a staple foundation, and yes I would pay full price for it but if you can get something cheaper then why the hell not!

I brought the Flushed palette in shade Streak which gives a fairly natural bronzer, pinky/peach tone blush and a warm highlight. 

I have to start by saying how amazing the pigmentation is for all 3 of the products in this palette! You literally hardly needed to touch the brush to the palette the pigmentation is that good! Also they are all very fine and smooth with gives such a great airbrushed effect! 

Overall I would definitely pay the full price for this but I think this is going to last me a rather long time anyway with how little you need! I would recommend finding the right colour set for you though as I think it really helps to look more naturally glowing! Haha!

Just thought I'd sneak a few photo's of my full Urban Decay collection in there because I'm sure people will be interested! Also the Naked palettes are very pigmented and certainly worth the money because they last ages too! 

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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Friday, 12 September 2014


It's the second Double Friday post! 

Last Monday and Tuesday I went out the theatre and to have a meal with my friends so I thought I would just give you a little Outfit of the Night for both the occasions! I've actually posted the images the wrong way round but I'm sure if you use blogger like me you'll know what a struggle it can me maneuvering the photo's! 

Here we gooo!!

Tuesday Night!

Black Jeans from Quiz
Peach Vest top from Next
Kimono from M and Co
Elephant Necklace was a gift
Pumps from Next
Watch from Fossil

I was wearing Urban Decay Naked Palette, Urban Decay Liquid Foundation, Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Streak, Benefit They're Real Mascara and Gel Liner and Apocalips in Celestial

Monday Night!

Black Jeans from Quiz
Pumps from Next
Top from Quiz
Watch from Fossil
Necklace is a gift!

I believe I wore pretty much the same make-up with slightly different colours from the Urban Decay Naked Palette!

Also I took these photo's with my IPhone so I just want to ask do you like the photo's or would you prefer me to take the photo's on my normal camera as usual?

Thanks for reading! 

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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I'm a hunter for Sales! "DOUBLE FRIDAY"

Hello Fashionista's!

Welcome to DOUBLE FRIDAY! If you've seen my last post you'll know I hit 50 bloglovin' followers on Wednesday, however it was a rather busy day for me so I didn't end up posting my planned post! So today I have both Wednesday's and Today's post on the way for you!

So lets get going!

Over the past few months of summer that I've had off I've been able to look around different places, now when I went out I had no intention of buying anything however over the time I managed to find a few things that I absolutly loved! So here are a few bits I hunted for in the sales over the summer!

Left: Lightweight Neutral Coat from Next which I think I got for about £20 and was about £40/£50 full price. I've seen these sorts of jackets everywhere but just never found one I really liked and suited until I found this! I love it, it's a great autumn coat which keeps you warm but not boiling!

Right/Middle: Neutral Body Warmer from Fat Face. I'd seen these body warmers in Fat Face for absolutely ages and so many people seemed to have them last year however I wasn't buying one for £78 I think it was at full price! When I saw this for about £30 I had to pick it up, and because it's neutral it will go with everything over the colder season! Also the hood is sooo snuggly and warm, the softest thing ever!!  

I'm probably a bit of a late one with this pick up as well, a kimono! I know they have been around everywhere this summer but I never found one that I really liked and suited me well until I saw this in the M and Co Sale for £10 I think! I have to say I do really love it but those tassels can be a little annoying, they shred so easily and get caught on everything!

Top Left: I found this Jumper on the same day as the Fat Face item and thought they would work perfectly together! Although it's more of a winter item I thought seen as it was in the sale for £10 why not get it in preparation! 

Top Right: I found this in Bhs in the Dorothy Perkins section, I always find I find more in the integrated shops than the shops I the only one? I picked this up for £9, a three quarter armed top with a cute little squirrel on!

Bottom Left: These 2 tops are from Next which when I ordered them wasn't sure I was going to like, but there actually a really nice simple staple piece to throw on and look good! I think they were £4 each which is a very good price! What I also love is the fact the straps are adjustable which is great because I always find these sort of tops the straps can be far too long!

Bottom Right: Finally in this little quad, another top from Next which is more of an over sized top because it's a little too big for me but tucking it into a skirt or high waisted jeans could look quite nice I think! £4 I think this was!

Finally I picked up this tiger crop top again from next which I honestly don't know the price off I'm afraid! I don't normally like crop tops and I'm still a little unsure about this one but maybe with a skirt or high waisted jeans/shorts it would look quite nice!

Have you picked up anything good in the sales over summer?

Thanks for reading! 

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Thank you!

Hello everyone! 

I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed me on Bloglovin' and all of those reading now! 

I wouldn't still be writing this blog if it wasn't for the comments and people enjoying the content, initially when I started this blog I thought it would be another nothing like lots of other blogs I've tried in the past. But to say I've reached 50 followers on bloglovin' is crazy to me!

Unfortunately yesterday I had a busy day so I didn't post so hopefully tomorrow I will get on it and it will be a double Friday for you all! Hopefully one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening! 

I look forward to posting for you all and hope you continue to enjoy the blog!

Thanks for reading!

Chloe. LittleBitOfSassy. xx

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